Are You Looking Online for a Great Mate?

“There are More Dating Sites than Men it Seems – But Not To Worry – the Biggest Barrier to Creating Your Online Profile is About to Be Matched!”

Finally a Step by Step Way to Express Who You Are…

Do you hate to date and (still) want a mate?

Does dating sound like too much work, not safe, overwhelming?

As you face the years ahead without a mate, are you afraid you’ll be alone for the rest of your life?

Is it rejection you fear…that possible “no” or “no, thank you” that stops you in your tracks?

Maybe you think “all the good ones are taken?” That men are only looking for younger women….much younger women?

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How about these excuses? You’re out of practice and don’t understand the world of social dating sites? Or you’re sure you’ll be labeled a loser if you search for love online? Your life is full and interesting (enough) without a man in it? You don’t want to do the work, but you might consider someone if they knocked on your door? The idea of getting naked in front of ANYone sends shivers up your spine….and not in a good way?

Or let’s consider you may have tried online dating and have either met frogs or no one, or the ones you don’t like, like you….a lot. You cannot connect with, much less find, the guy in your dreams, so you’ve simply given up and nominated the TV remote and your cozy comforter as your companions for life.

I’m Sally Landau, your dating and relationship coach. I named my company DATING CAN BE FUN, because it can be. Since 2001, it’s been my passion to help my clients find themselves and seek and find great partners.

In college, I majored in psychology and for many years, I co-managed a prestigious architecture firm, endured more self-help seminars than a sane, well adjusted person would ever admit, and am a certified life coach. It’s easy to walk my talk, because in addition to all my training and coaching experience, I dated 46 men inside a six-month period on my way to meeting my adorable husband. Listening, reading, paying attention, ferreting out unsuspecting frogs and on alert for great men, I found mine.

While dating online is only one method to finding love, if it’s something that interests you, that you’re curious about and might want to try –
I can help you get started with my free guide.

“Dating Can Be Fun!”

You’ll Discover How …

  • Lots of wonderful people hunt for relationships online.
  • All the good ones are NOT taken.
  • Many of them are looking for YOU!
  • There are a dizzying number of dating websites available online and I’ll guide you along to the right one for you.
  • The right way to complete your profile.
  • There are plenty of folks like you looking for relationships – I can help.